about us

So what, exactly, is Inspire?

INSPIRE CREATIVE COMPANY is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that serves as a creative collaborative group for Christian artists, songwriters and worship leaders in the Piedmont triad.  We are an interdenominational group that adheres to Biblical principles for our Core Values, Theology and Code of Conduct.  INSPIRE is organized into two branches for each type of creative:  Inspire Worship Co. (Songwriting) and Inspire Art Co. (Visual Arts).  Each branch has its own distinct application process, members and schedule. 

Why does Inspire exist? 

Inspire Creative Company exists philosophically to influence culture through impacting the artistic community at a local level through the voice of the local Christian artist.  Our goal is to launch local Christian artists into ministry using their artistic language to reach their community with the gospel. Practically, we do this through providing places for artists to teach, create together and share their art with the world. Then, the art speaks…and influences… inspires and changes people’s lives. 

When we take time to be filled with the Word of God in community with other artists, we can pour into creative works.  As this creativity flows out of us, it can overflow into our community to spread the Gospel of Jesus through our creative works.  Our goal at Inspire is not to take from artists but to give to artists, inspiring them and helping them to make their voices heard. But for most artists, the process of creating or performing is both fulfilling and at the same time incredibly exhausting.  It takes a brave vulnerability for artists to create and share their work with others. This is why Inspire is a refuge for artists, a family. 

Where do we operate out of? 

INSPIRE CREATIVE COMPANY currently has our office at Main Street Baptist Church (126 North Main St, Kernersville NC 27284).  However, we primarily meet at local churches throughout the triad and are only able to continue in ministry through the generosity of others. We are continually seeking to become partners with more churches in the Piedmont triad area.  We have clearly seen the Lord move in mutually beneficial ways for Inspire and the local church by partnering for events.  Interested in partnering with Inspire?  Contact us here.

2021-2024 hosts

  • Christ Anglican Church, Winston Salem 
  • Christmas for the City
  • The Crossing Church, Kernersville 
  • First Christian Church, Kernersville 
  • Given Coffee, Winston Salem
  • Griffith Baptist Church, Winston Salem
  • Hope Presbyterian Church, Winston Salem 
  • Kernersville Chamber of Commerce
  • Main Street Baptist, Kernersville 
  • Oaklawn Church, Winston Salem
  • Pine Grove Methodist Church, Kernersville
  • Project Re3, Kernersville 
  • St. John’s Lutheran Church, Winston Salem 
  • Tabitha House Ministries
  • WBFJ Local Flavors events


  • Church specific worship services 
  • Concerts featuring our local artists
  • Art Classes
  • Community Events
  • Benefit Concerts
  • Graphic Design work for special services
  • Songwriting sessions
  • Showcase Events
  • Artist retreats and gatherings
  • ...share your ideas with us!

Partner Testimonies

Inspire Worship has been truly that...inspiring. The heart of this band is the heart of Jesus. Without hesitation, without expectation, they have given of their time and talent to help our ministry for women in recovery. They exude love and acceptance of our women, and treat them with dignity. Through their songs and unconditional love, Inspire Worship has played a key role in some of our ladies staying committed to their path of healing. The lyrics to their songs have sparked fires in our ladies and encouraged them to keep fighting for their recovery when they didn't think they had the strength to keep fighting. Just being in the presence of these beautiful young people is moving and uplifting. Through their music, their unconditional love for all God's people, and their generous hearts, they are making a difference, speaking into lives, and being the hands, feet, and voice of Jesus. ” - Tabitha Ministry


INSPIRE CREATIVE COMPANY loves to partner with other ministries! We are excited to continue to partner with local charities, churches, and community centers to bring  the greater community together under the arts, in hopes of leading many to the gospel. if you would like to partner with us  in any way, please contact us here