We are so excited to announce that Inspire Creative Company will be hosting our 2023 Art Showcase on September 29th from 6:30pm-8:00pm, and September 30th from 10:00am-2:00pm. This event will take place at The Crossing Church Union Cross Campus in Kernersville NC.  

We held our last Art Showcase event in October 2022,  where we hosted over 13 local artists, showcased over 100 pieces of local art and put over $1500 back into the hands of local artists. We advertised our event in the artistic communities of downtown Winston- Salem, Greensboro and  Kernersville. We saw many young people come into our host church walls that would have never come otherwise. This event was a huge community touchpoint. We got to meet and interact with so many new people. Our last showcase was a huge success with an attendance of over 120 people! 

At this year's Art Showcase, we plan to display even more artwork than in 2022. We have a goal of having an attendance of at least 300 people at the event and intend to pray that God will use us to reach our community in a powerful way! We need your help to make this event possible!


Why is it important for Inspire to host showcase events like POIEMA Art Showcase ?

  • To bring the gospel back into the arts at a local level. By hosting showcase events, we can share the love of Jesus through art! 
  • To reach an unreached people group: local artists. Often, the local artistic community is an  unreached people group right in front of our eyes. When we host showcase events, we build bridges between the church and local artists. 
  • To make sense of life. At times where life is confusing and overwhelming, art can help us see the world in new and meaningful ways. 
  • To support the local arts community. As you probably know, art is usually the first thing cut from  budgets because it is seen as non-essential. At Inspire, we want to prioritize the arts instead of cutting them. 
  • To build bridges. Art is unifying, inspiring and deeply meaningful. When we host showcase events, the community comes together in a beautiful way. We can build bridges with the gospel through the language of art. Showcase events show God's love for art! 
  •  To reach the younger generation. Generation Z is moved and motivated deeply by art, especially local  art. When we support local art, we build a bridge between the church and the younger generation.

HOW TO apply


APPLY ONLINE (recommended )


This year we are allowing people under 16 to be a part of the showcase. The application process is the same as the general submission; however, the fee is reduced to $30. (When paying the application fee, please select the appropriate option)


Info you will need to have handy:

  •  Your artist bio information (including your name, and artist bio)
  • Your piece names, mediums, and year of completion (in online form)


There will be a place for you to paste a link to a google drive/ drop box folder with images or your pieces.

    PART 3: Pay Your Application Fee

    $40 Application fee ready to submit upon applying for those ages 17 and older. 

    $30 Application for ages 16 and under.

    ($15 for an Additional Table. More information on submission page.)



    If you have any questions or concerns please contact: rebecca@inspirecreativecompany.org.

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